Indiscripts Revamp

Entry posted on 2006-07-30 2:12 pm

Whew! I just went and gave Indiscripts a revamp—now it’s run by WordPress, which I think should ultimately help me keep the site updated. I spent quite a while debugging my downloads script to work with WordPress, and though it’s not as integrated as a plugin, I’m pretty happy that it still works.

I plan to add other sections in the future, such as finally put the Enthusiast documentation online, which should also help with my plans to expand it, a help section, and the like. I mean to add a tutorials section as well, and move/copy some of my other tutorials here, as this is my “tech” space.

Of course, the not-so-good part is, the FAQ is gone. It had its uses, although to be frank I don’t feel too distressed with its loss because it has become a place for people to ask the same questions over and over again. No, people, just because I said don’t use the contact form to ask me for help, doesn’t mean you can ask on the FAQ script, or you can message me on any chat program or messenger to ask me to help you, sorry. There’s a support forum for that.

Lastly, I’m hoping to wrap up the beta testing of Enth 3.1 soon! We’re ironing out the last kinks, making sure it works in higher database versions, and the like. I’m pretty psyched with the new features, so I hope you will be too!

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24 comments to “Indiscripts Revamp”

  1. Honey

    Indiscripts looks fantastic! I love the new look, simple but lovely!
    I am so excited about Enth 3.1, actually I came here to see if there was any new about it, and I found the site completly revamped and the good new that it’s coming pretty soon :) Awesome!

  2. seasonalplume

    Thanks, Honey! If you want to see a bit of what the new features are, my own fanlisting collective at Aking Mahal serves as a guinea pig ;) although all you’ll be able to see as of the moment are features that should be visible to visitors! And I haven’t reoganized my categories or anything just yet, lol. :)

  3. Honey

    Wow that’s great! Although I had seen a bit in Kell’s collective a while ago. I can’t wait :P

  4. Angela

    Haha, yeah, she’s a beta tester. :)

  5. Megan

    The revamp turned out well! The colors go awesome together.

    new stuff = great =)

  6. Angela

    Thank you, Megan!

  7. Julia

    I found a site with enth 3.1 by luck and the feature are just the ones I’ve been looking for!
    Now the script makes it easier to sort all kinds of different listings in one script.
    Since I’ll be rejoining all listings it’ll be a huge number and just having about 100s of listings just under physical didn’t seem right.
    I do so love you for this! ^^

  8. Angela

    I’m glad you like it, Julia! >:D<

  9. Manda

    Wow, I love the revamp! I was just like Honey – I came around here to poke for any information about Enth 3.1, and I see a spiffy new layout and an update that sounds like 3.1 is almost ready for release soon! I’ve seen it working on Kell’s collective, and I’m very excited :D

  10. Angela

    Thank you! I’m just ironing out the last kinks– the biggest issue as of the moment are spam forms, so I’d like to bring that down to a minimum before I release Enth3.1 :)

  11. Kitty

    I just had to tell you that your new layout looks wonderful. I can’t wait to see the new Enth!

  12. Angela

    Thank you, Kitty. :)

  13. Nicole

    You’re hearing this a lot, but it sounds so exciting! Thank you for providing us with Enth. I love that script.
    Take care!

  14. Angela

    Thanks :x I never tire hearing of it, hehe.

  15. Anne

    Oooh, wow, I’m really loving the new look for Indiscripts! ^_^ Very bright and fresh – I like it a lot!

    I’m also very excited for Enth 3.1 – I’m very much looking forward to the new features, though Enth is fantastic already. ;)

  16. Angela

    Thanks! :D

  17. Kell

    Oop, it’s scary some people have been to my site and noticed the new script! ;) *revamps hideous layout* Then again, I’m so in love with the script so I’ve done my fair share of screaming from the rooftops just how marvelous you and Enth are, Angela. *squish* I love this script to bits and I reckon tons of people are going to love it as well when you release it. I also just cannot stop saying how much I adore you, and how dedicated and patient you are. ;)

    Anyway, all shameless adoration aside, I love the new look for Indiscripts! Simple, clean, but perfect.

  18. Angela

    LOL *glomps Kell* :D You’re fantastic. ♥

  19. Carolynne

    Like the new look. Looking forward to testing out the new Enthusiast :) Thanks.

  20. Angela

    Thanks, Carolynne! :)

  21. Ashley

    Hi, I love the redesign. I’m having a problem downloading some of the scripts though. Whenever I try, it keeps giving me the ‘Page Not Found’ and takes me back to a list of all the scripts to download again.

  22. Angela

    Hmm, really? I’ve had one other person tell me about that. :/ Can you tell me what browser you’re using, and what version? I had similar problems when I was doing the redesign, but was able to fix it on both Firefox and IE. :/

  23. Ashley

    I use Firefox and I believe it is the latest version, 1.5. I haven’t tried using IE yet.

  24. Vonelada

    I’m also having problems with downloading it, I’ve used both browers Firefox (latest) and EI (I think the latet one).

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