Yet another update

Entry posted on 2007-03-18 9:01 pm

It seems like I can’t make up my mind in terms of this site’s layout — let’s hope this stays longer! I like it better than the previous, mostly because it feels much cleaner than the last one, and allows for more space when possible: something that I’ve missed in previous layout, and something that I feel is important for documentation. The good news is that I get even more used to working with WP; I wrote a quick plugin for grabbing random content (post and/or pages) according to a few parameters. Will put it up for download after I prettify it a bit.

Edited to add: I just realized (thanks, Mosey!) that commenting was broken for Indiscripts! My bad, it was a missing WP file that was the culprit. Rest assured I have shuffled him back to the ranks. ;)

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