Support forum and extra info

Entry posted on 2004-09-10 10:04 pm

Enthusiast now has a support forum! Many thanks to Sasha for hosting it at CodeGrrl. :) Please direct all support/troubleshooting/customizing help there, thanks.

Also, I put up two new Enthusiast pages: a common misconceptions page and a user testimonials page. Most of the testimonials are for Enth3, however!

Screencaps and a tutorial

Entry posted on 2004-09-07 10:04 pm

I uploaded Enthusiast 3 screencaps taken by Ally, and made a new Enth2 tutorial on how to separate the members sorting options and the actual members list. :)

Enthusiast, linking back

Entry posted on 2004-08-29 10:03 pm

Uploaded the Hold Member Updates modification for Enthusiast 2. :)

I also uploaded a couple of images that you can use as buttons when linking back to Indiscripts if you’re using Enthusiast, phpSiteSkin, or LJ Magpie. :) Most of them are 80×15 ones! Many thanks to Candice who donated a number for Enthusiast!

Optional passwords modification

Entry posted on 2004-08-27 9:59 pm

New Enth2 modification: the Optional Passwords mod is now up at the Enth2 mod download section. It’s not included in the original 2.1.7 :) But as the issue was raised for TFL-approved fanlistings (the concensus is that it’s NOT against the rules, but a number of was uncomfortable with it, hence this mod), I thought it would be important to create a mod for Enth2. Not to be used with the Capitalization mod (though if you beg hard enough, I can make one for both too, hee).

Also, please note that phpSiteSkin 3.2 is beta.

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