Enthusiast is a full-featured member listing collective management script. It is geared towards fanlisting owners who own multiple fanlistings, but easily customizable for other types of listings as well–cliques, physical listings, taboo listings, and the like.

Earlier versions are meant for standalone/single fanlistings, but Enthusiast now has grown into a bigger project, encompassing management of multiple listings using one administrative panel as well as maintenance of a site that lists all these listings in a directory format (i.e., a collective).

Please feel free to browse this section and know more about the script. External links are also shown on the section navigation.

IMPORTANT: Enthusiast is not longer supported by myself. Please head on to https://gitlab.com/tfl-PHP-scripts/enthusiast for a supported version of Enthusiast, updated for the current PHP versions. Thank you.

Enthusiast 3

Enthusiast 3 (Enth3) is a full-featured, linkware multiple listing management system. It allows an administrator the ability to manage multiple member listings via a single administration interface as well as manage a central website directory of these listings. From listing creation to the templates used for the public pages of the listing site, Enthusiast 3 allows list owners to focus on what’s important: adding more value-added content as opposed to getting hung up on managing member lists.

Enthusiast 2

Enthusiast 2 (Enth2) is a standalone listing management system that was the precursor of Enth3, allowing the administrator to manage one fanlisting through an administrator panel, allowing management of members and affiliates and easy customization of the forms and lists. While development and active support for Enthusiast 2 has stopped, it continues to be placed here available for download mostly for archival purposes.

Testimonials and Comments

56 comments to “Enthusiast”

  1. Corinne

    I love Enthusiast! I use it for all my FLs, so much easier to use than Fanbase. Thanks again! :-)

  2. Claudine

    Too bad I don’t know MySQL, so I can’t use Enthusiast. I can tell that it’s nice, though. The password feature is cool, because it’s secure.

  3. Joey

    With the help of my host, the lovely Shannon, I’m converting my fanlistings to Enthusiast. I don’t know why I didn’t do this much, much, MUCH sooner. It’s a wonderful little script, and I could have used this back when I owned the Happy Bunny fanlisting and sometimes had to approve over 100 members one-by-one. So yes, I’m a total fan of this script now!

  4. Aerith

    Enth3 is totally awesome. Easy to use, visually appealing and secure as well. Keep up the good work!

  5. Keitorin

    Enth3 is amazing. I use it for all my fanlistings, and wouldn’t know what to do without it! I love the feeling I got when I figured out how to use it. Like Aerith said, easy to use and visually appealling.

  6. Hikoto

    I recently converted all my fanlistings to run on Enthusiast. It was never a better decision! I received more than what I had expected. The Dashboard tells me everything in a flash about my fanlistings and the lower announcement portion allows me to keep up to date with important Enthusiast updates. This is great but the best thing has got to be the reminder that pops out when your fanlistings has not been updated for 2 months. <3 <3 Previously I had to manually make a reminder on my mobile phone to remind me to do so.

    I am absolutely surprised at how easy the conversion was. I had expected something really difficult and something that I could not get right at initial tries. (Not to mention getting errors that I didn’t understand.) But no! I managed to get it right on my 3rd try and there were no funny errors. Converting my fanlistings were a breeze! <3

    Also, I’m loving how easily you can edit the email templates sent out to the members and how all pending members appear in the “Members” section.

    In short, I think Enthusiast is perfect for a busy person like me. It helps cover my back especially when school starts to get really hectic. I have not tried out its true collective features but I’m sure that will be awesome too. ^_^

  7. Ally

    To run my collective before Enth3, I used…three different scripts to manage one set of sites. It was a constant struggle to manage my fanlistings because everything had a seperate admin panel and installation of a single fanlisting was hopelessly complicated. With over thirty fanlistings at the start of beta testing, that was thirty individual admin panels and individual logins, plus one each for joined and owned fanlistings. It was quite an involved process to manage everything.

    Angela promised that Enthusiast3 would simplify the process and she more than delivered.

    Enthusiast3 removes the need for multiple scripts to manage the one collective. It incorporates a joined fanlistings management tool, a collective manager, affiliates manager and fanlisting management scripts, all accessible from one clean, simple interface.

    Converting fanlistings…is a snap (all of my thirty plus fanlistings were converted in under five minutes each) and creating new fanlistings a breeze. Managing my collective is much easier and I’m so glad that I only need to login to the one admin panel to do just about everything.

    If time is an issue, or you like things compact and simple, then Enth3 is something you *need*. Angela has done a great job of putting it together and ensuring that it meets the needs of fanlisting/collective owners and she’s left a trail of happy customers in her wake!

  8. Mellissa

    I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying Enth. … I love Enth so much … tons of features and a much lighter file size. I’ve already noticed a huge different in my file usage. … I also wanted to say that I think my files are a lot cleaner now that I don’t have twenty or thirty files per fanlisting. I love love love that there’s only one file per FL that needs to be added for the fanlisting to work…that it all works from the admin panel. I think that part is just utterly fabulous.

  9. Kyrie

    I previously used [another script] for my fanlistings, along with one or two where I did everything by hand. It was always really time consuming to get all the files I needed and customize them to fit, and then I had to set up a completely different script so I could update all of them at once. I really wanted something easier with less files. So when I saw the TFL post about being a Enth3 beta tester I figured I’d give it a shot, and it’s proven to be a great time saver. At first I was kind of concerned about it, because I’d never used it before and thought it was really complex and would be hard to install. It was amazingly easy, and now creating new fanlistings or layouts is just a breeze to set up and customize. Not to mention I can add members, edit fanlisting information, customize the stats and members lists, and all sorts of things all from one admin panel.

  10. Kaci

    When I started my first fanlisting, I only intended to have just the one. I never realized they’d be so addictive. So I started out with Enthusiast 2, because it’s more geared towards people who only own one listing. However, once I opened one, I wanted another…and another…and another. Soon I realized that I would need to upgrade to Enth3. I was scared at first, thinking it would be difficult for someone like me who doesn’t understand the errors that could potentially POP up, or who doesn’t really understand PHP scripts and MySQL yet. But it was so easy and such a snap that I honestly couldn’t believe I hadn’t done it sooner. Enth3 is a life saver whether you’ve got one listing or one hundred, and I highly recommend it to anyone out there who is considering using it. I’ve never tried any other scripts other than Enthusiast 2 or 3, so I can’t compare, but I can tell you that you will be glad you made the choice to go with 3. I know I am. (And as a side note, I find that updating my information on listings other than my own is easier if the person is using Enthusiast instead of…well, certain others, so Enth3 is more user-friendly to your members as well.)

  11. Ems

    Does Enthusiast use MySQL? Or is it using a flat file like the PHPFanBase?

  12. Angela

    Hello Ems,

    Please see this page for a list of Enth requirements. From there you can probably surmise that yes, Enthusiast uses MySQL. You must be mistaken as to which fanlisting script uses flat files — maybe you mean Bellabuffs? Fanbase also uses MySQL, while Bellabuffs uses flatfiles.

  13. Yaira

    I love enthusiast I highly recomend it to anyone that is going to star their first fanlisting or collective, is just great you manage them all from one panel and get to add afiliates and your own joined list, is just amazing!

  14. Haldir

    Enthusiast is brilliant… I love it! I just set it all up yesterday and already I have two fanlistings up and running. It is incredibly efficient, and really organized. I also highly recommend Enth to anyone interested in starting multiple fanlistings.

  15. Sara

    Amazing script. Really really useful.

  16. Michelle

    awesomness script! =D

  17. Adrienne

    My hosting company is upgrading to PHP5. I just wanted to make sure that the latest version of Enthusiast will be okay once they switch? Thanks. I couldn’t run my fanlistings without this script!

  18. Angela

    Hi Adrienne, yes, Enthusiast is PHP5 compliant. :) I’m currently running at least 5.1 in Aking Mahal. :)

  19. Adrienne

    Oh brilliant. Thank you!!

  20. Reynie

    Hi Angela! I just want to express my gratitude to you for coming up with Enthusiast! Thank you so much for your hard work in providing us with this free script.

  21. Aiko

    I can’t thank you enough for saving me a world of coding troubles :D

  22. sorcere of the dark

    so…if eriol hiiragizawa/clow reed is,as of ive heared,the sorcerer of the dark…….then who is the sorcerer of the light?didn’t they say light and dark always goes together?where is that person?!?*huh?!?*

  23. Christopher Kavanagh

    Enthusiast is the best script our there. I love it so much and I wish I could help out with the development of this great master piece. Keep up with the great work!

  24. Cory

    Hi Angela! First thank you very much for this wonderful script; i’ve tried to use some others, but the features wont satisfied me…but with enthusiast i can do all i want and need, so many thank! ^_^ Second, i have a question: i use enthusiast 2 to manage singol fanlistings and i look that this version do not insert automatically the credit line in the pages join, update and lostpass, but the version 3 do this. So, i’ve insert the link back manually (in all page where enth 3 insert the link) and i ask you that this is ok for you. Sorry for the stupid question but i’m always be sure that i don’t broke any rules! XD And sorry for my bad english, i hope you can undestand me!

    Have a good day!


  25. Angela

    Hello Cory, I definitely don’t mind :) Thank you!

  26. Becky

    Enthusiast seems to be the best thing out there, I must say! I just wish I could figure out how to use it. xD

  27. Berta

    The first time I tried Enthusiast was a mess lol. But was lot of time ago, I was a newbie in PHP & Site making.
    I tried again some days ago, and with a little help, it’s perfect.
    Now I can have lot of FL and the collective! Thanks Angela :)

  28. Nysa

    I host my fanlistings on different servers, is it still possible to manage multiple fanlistings from one server, or will I have to “install” the scripts individually on the different servers?

  29. Angela

    It’s possible depending on your server’s setup. Please see this tutorial I did a few years ago. :)

  30. Hachi

    I love Enthusiast and can’t believe I’ve been using it for over a year!
    If it’s possible, it would be great if the first countries displayed when joining a fanlisting were the main locations. Another scripts lists the US and UK at the top, but enthusiast could have the edge by including the more known Europe nations and Australia too.

  31. Angela

    Hi Hachi, the reason why Enth doesn’t have those at the top because I don’t live in the US (or the UK ;)). Not that it’s a good reason (because I’m fully aware that it’s not), but it’s the reason why I didn’t opt to do so.

    Why? If I put US up there, I’d want to put Philippines up there too. Hee. :D Humor me a bit? I have my little quirks too. ;)

  32. Kryz

    Hi there, Hope I’m not annoying you or anything. I’ve noticed something about Enth that would need to be fixed on maybe next modification. I mentioned in the TFL forum at http://board.thefanlistings.org/index.php?showtopic=78249 and having Enth issue that has never been solved since March/forever in the Codegrrl.com forum at http://codegrrl.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16773&st=0&gopid=89526&#entry89526. I would really appreciate any help if possible. Thanks! I still <3 Enth! :)

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  36. Lucy

    I love enthusiast it is the easiest fanlisting manager i’ve used. 1 thing that would come in handy is to be able to add a news page part for each lisitng run, similar to a blog.

  37. Destinii Haruya

    I know HTML, CSS and a bit of SQL, is that enough to run Enth3? Thanks!

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  39. Alex

    Is there a way to either have the password reset or something like that? I ask because I had unfortunately forgot the password (and also had recently had deleted the saved password in the browser I was using for it). I don’t want to have to do a clean re-install if I don’t have to since I have members in the two fanlistings I have up, but will if necessary.

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  46. Yvonne

    I’m new at fanlistings, and Enthusiast was so easy at everything! Installing, getting it on my page, everything! I recommend it to everyone!

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  55. erin

    website will not load any download links, and the version i had on my pc is no longer working on my domain. dunno what to do

  56. Angela

    Hello Erin, I’m sorry about that. I have stopped development and support for Enthusiast, but there is a supported version of Enthusiast over at https://gitlab.com/tfl-PHP-scripts/enthusiast if you would like to try again.

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