Hello! I'm Angela, and this is my scripts archive, where I store anything from little scriptlets to bigger web applications. All scripts are available via linkware, which means: it's free! All I ask is a link back from you. :)

Yet another update

Entry posted on 2007-03-18 9:01 pm

It seems like I can’t make up my mind in terms of this site’s layout — let’s hope this stays longer! I like it better than the previous, mostly because it feels much cleaner than the last one, and allows for more space when possible: something that I’ve missed in previous layout, and something that I feel is important for documentation. The good news is that I get even more used to working with WP; I wrote a quick plugin for grabbing random content (post and/or pages) according to a few parameters. Will put it up for download after I prettify it a bit.

Edited to add: I just realized (thanks, Mosey!) that commenting was broken for Indiscripts! My bad, it was a missing WP file that was the culprit. Rest assured I have shuffled him back to the ranks. ;)

Enthusiast 3.1.1 released

Entry posted on 2007-03-17 8:33 pm

I was waiting to get a few more bugfixes rolled into this release, but I decided I should just get this up first and then worry about the other bugs as they come in. I’m afraid the PEAR Mail issues still aren’t resolved, but I mean to get it sorted out a little better soon. I’m also looking into a better way to work on Enthusiast; if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to pipe up. ;) I’ve already started using Bazaar to track changes, so hopefully that helps.

The full Enth download has been updated to 3.1.1, and there is also a 3.1.1 upgrade zip file which will contain only the updated files.

The list of changes are below:
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Indiscripts update

Entry posted on 2007-03-05 12:31 am

It’s past midnight and I need sleep, but I’ve finally been able to give Indiscripts a new look plus update it to WordPress 2.1; if you’re running 2.1.1, you must upgrade to 2.1.2! Said version is dangerous. Don’t forget.

I’m pleased enough with how the new look came out, although I’m not wholly happy with it — a few things I wanted to do, I had no time to implement (or, well, figure out how to implement). I’m happy to say, though, that all the plugins I used work, so there shouldn’t be anything broken with the site; if there is, just let me know.

I actually have a bugfix release for Enthusiast 3.1 sort of ready, only because it’s been a while since I’ve been able to move around the support forums I’m not sure if there are new bugs around; I feel I need to check up on it first, although this bugfix release is long overdue. Sigh, I’m just really swamped nowadays, and I’m feeling the need to finish Ind.Org first, too. Argh.

Scripts.Indisguise.Org Redone

Entry posted on 2006-12-11 10:40 pm

Yay for revamps! It’s only been a while since the last one, but while I was doing Enthusiast support stuff, I had this strong impulse to redo my scripts archive and actually start implementing my long-term plans for it — so now here we are, the redone Indiscripts! This isn’t just a new look and the new recent scripts section, but it comes with a new Tutorials section plus the updates blog being turned into an actual tech/webdev/etc blog.

I’d been meaning to ramble and wax verbose on “geeky” subjects and thoughts and whatnot, and I had always felt a trifle guilty whenever I did that on eljay (a.k.a. Seasonal Wanderer) because it’s really more of a personal journal, Dear Diary and all that jazz. Hence, here you are — Indiscripts transformed into a proper blog but still containing the core stuff (read: my scripts).

It’s almost eleven and I need sleep, so I’m off after this quick website update post. There are still some things that need to be done: post categories, post tags, spruce up how the post comments look, etc — but for now this will have to do. Yay for quasi-beginnings!

Enth 3.1 released!

Entry posted on 2006-12-09 1:13 pm

I’m finally releasing Enth 3.1 after quite some time. :) I meant to release earlier, but because of some weather-related problems, I had to postpone it for a bit. I’m inclined to postpone it a little more but I figure I should just get this over and done with!

Enthusiast 3.1.0 has the following new features (for the full list, please view the changelog):

  • Added the following listing statistics: growth rate, number of countries, collective categories, newly-added/updated affiliates, total number of affiliates, random affiliate and random member
  • New admin panel look plus dashboard
  • Neglected listings notification (two months without updates)
  • Multi-level categories
  • Multiple categories for joined and owned listings
  • Error logging
  • New owned template variables for growth rate, number of countries, and new members
  • If added/approved template is blank, no email is sent out to added/approved members
  • Check all checkbox for approving members
  • Multi-level-and-field sorting of the members list
  • Option for vistors to not send their information to themselves when joining
  • PEAR Mail for better email sending via fanlisting/admin panel, via sendmail
  • Inclusion of collective statistics (no need for addon)

An online demo is, again, available at the Enthusiast features page. Feel free to check it out.

Online documentation of Enthusiast is also now fully available, and most the the new documentation has been delegated to it — if you see anything amiss there, please feel free to correct me. ;) Being around the scripts so much, I might sometimes skip over some documentation errors.

A fresh installation can be downloaded here as well as an upgrade script if you’re already using Enthusiast 3.0 — it contains all the new files (well, virtually EVERYTHING) plus a script you will have to run to update your database. Please go here to download the script; if you have having problems, try the quick download page.

Please note that some addons may not be needed anymore with 3.1, or might not work as expected, such as the conversion script from Fanbase. I’ll be working to update those in the next few days. :)

Much thanks to my beta testers — their help weeding out the bugs is greatly appreciated plus they got a lot of the kinks out. :) :x A few may remain, though, as with any script — if you find any, please feel free to head on over at CodeGrrl and we’ll see about that. :)

Please remember to back up your databases before upgrading your installations. ;)

Hope you guys like the new version. :)