WordPress Upgrade

Entry posted on 2008-04-28 12:44 am

I’ve finally upgraded Indiscripts to WordPress 2.5, and uploaded a new layout for the blog. There might be a few quirks here and there, which I will sort out in a bit — it’s already 1AM and I’m bushed!

Just in case the new WordPress mucks about with the download pages on my website, remember that you can always use the quick download page to download the scripts. :)

Known issues at the moment

I have accidentally left out code block styling, and the download pages’ comment form looks rather weird with all the floating and margins. I’ll be getting on that once I get back home. ;) Edited to add: Done! :)

If you see anything amiss, let me know.

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8 comments to “WordPress Upgrade”

  1. Hannah

    I really like the new layout! :3

  2. Angela

    Thanks, Hannah! :D

  3. ai~

    The layout looks gorgeous, Angela. :)

  4. Angela

    Thanks, Ai :)

  5. Hikoto

    Kinda late…but yup! The new layout looks sleek! Good for a change! But I think there are some issues with viewing it in IE. (I’m using Maxthon which runs somewhere along the lines of IE.)

  6. Angela

    Up to now? I tested it in IE7 and IE6 on 1024×768 — I don’t have IE8 yet. Would you know which it would be?

  7. Hikoto

    Whoa is IE8 coming out already? @.@

    Nope it’s still not working on IE7 for me. It’s just that the bottom box where all the popular and newest downloads doesn’t appear at the end of all content for some reason. It’s up there. ^ Here’s a screenshot, hope it helps!

  8. Angela

    Huh! I remember that, but I fixed that when I went to the office and tested on my test machine. But thanks, something must have happened along the way :D

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