Enthusiast 3.1.4 Released

Entry posted on 2008-06-01 11:11 am

I’ve been testing Enthusiast 3.1.4 on Aking Mahal for a few weeks now, and now I’ve released Enthusiast version 3.1.4, which incorporates a number of bug fixes plus a special feature — special because it gets added at a bugfix-level upgrade.

This update includes:

  • Added mass rejection of new members feature
  • Fixed bug where PEAR Mail class gets called twice when joining in certain server and/or website settings
  • Fixed bug where showing/hiding of member emails do not get updated correctly when members update their information
  • Fixed bug where there are still target attributes in links for the fanlisting statistics
  • Fixed bug where non-numerical offsets are allowed in the pagination query

I’ve been vocal about not adding a mass-rejection feature for Enthusiast, but in the interest of helping those of us whose fanlistings get spammed, and the goal to make sure Enthusiast caters to an ever wider audience due to its openness and flexibility, I’ve finally added the feature in. However, as this is just one additional feature, I decided not to bump up the version to 3.2, as it feels rather sad that way ;)

You can download the full 3.1.4 release, or get an upgrade zip file instead.

If there are problems with regards to this upgrade, please feel free to leave comments, however all regular troubleshooting requests and support-related questions should be directed to the Enthusiast support forum at CodeGrrl. Thanks!

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45 comments to “Enthusiast 3.1.4 Released”

  1. Adia

    Woo, thanks Angela :)

  2. Crissy

    Thanks Angela! I’m downloading and installing it asap :)

  3. Jordan

    Woot, upgrading. Thanks!

  4. Nicole

    Hooray! Thank you for your efforts! I will upgrade once I tie up some loose ends with my incompetent registrar (and move away from it!).

  5. Angela

    Thanks everyone, hope the upgrade (and the new feature!) works well for you guys :)

  6. Rebecca

    Thanks Angela!

    I appreciate the mass-rejection bugfix even though you didn’t want it. I get a ton of spam and it’s helpful to reject ’em all! ;)

  7. Ally O

    V. exciting. Thanks, Angela.

    Just as a note, I could only download the upgrade if I left the form blank — entering text evoked a “Sorry, but Indiscripts can’t seem to get what you’re asking for — are you sure you have the right page?” error.

  8. Kya

    Awesome! :D I shall upgrade as soon as I can. :) Thanks for the update!

  9. Angela

    Ally, thanks for letting me know, I’ll look into that :)

  10. Waltz

    I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say “Thank you!” Enth3 is such an awesome script and your fans appreciate your efforts into making it even better! :-)

  11. J.D.

    Thank you so much! I just upgraded. Everything’s woking just fine:)

  12. Hikoto

    Upgraded! (: Everything’s smooth!

  13. Daphne

    Thanks for this Angela! *hugs* You’re the best :)

  14. Mitz

    Wow, totally love the mass rejection feature :P thank you so much Angela

  15. arashi

    AWESOME! I gotta get this and the new Oh No update. Thanks for all your hard work, Angela!!

  16. Angela

    Thank you for the comments, everyone! :) I’m glad you like the upgrade.

  17. Hakka

    Glad you fixed the showing/hiding bug, unfortunately few people around fixed themselfes as you showed on Codegrrl board. :)

  18. Mervi

    Upgraded at both of my collectives and everything seems to have gone smoothly. Thanks very much, the mass rejection is just what I’ve been needing. :)

  19. Angela

    Thanks, everyone :)

    Hakka: I’m not sure what you mean by “unfortunate” — I’m sure rolling in fixes as previously demonstrated is important. Unless you think I shouldn’t demonstrate how to fix bugs in current Enth releases when it’s been discovered?

  20. Stilla

    I upgraded. :)
    Your scripts are amazing.

  21. Camilla

    Thanks so much Angela! I just updated several installations of Enth and it worked perfectly :) Thanks for all your hard work, I am personally very happy to run my fanlistings with Enth, it makes my life so much easier lol <3 Woo! :D

  22. Julie

    I can’t seem to download any versions :( I keep getting a “No input file specified.” whether I fill out the form or not.

  23. Jenny

    I can’t download it =[
    I click “start download” and I get this “No input file specified.” I dont type anything in the boxes, and I get that, and then I type stuff in the boxes and I still get the same “No input file specified.”

    I dont know whats wrong o_O

  24. Marie

    Hi Angela, I tried downloading enth without filling out the form but it kept giving me a “No input file specified.” error. I filled out the out to see if it works and it still didn’t… I had someone else try without filling out the form and it doesn’t work either.

    Please fix it :(

  25. Donna

    I’ve hit a snag in trying to download the upgrade. Even with filling in the form, I get a page that says “No Input file specified”. Now I realize that I’m running on little to no sleep, but am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with downloading at the moment?

  26. Brittany

    Hmm. I’m trying to download the upgrade, but I get a “404 Not Found” whenever I click the “Start Download” button. =/ It could just be me, though. My computer has lots of issues.

  27. Cory

    I can’t download entusiast. The same problem that have Brittany.

  28. Angela

    Hi everyone, thanks for letting me know. I’ve pinpointed the problem and fixed it–downloads should be good now :)

  29. Jenny

    Thank you! =]]

  30. Marie

    Thanks for fixing the problem Angela! I love Enth :)

  31. Brittany

    Everything works fine now. Thanks, Angela! =)

  32. Nelson

    I cannot download the upgrade zip file!

  33. Cory

    Thank you very much Angela! Now the downloads work fine! ^_^

  34. Dexter | Techathand.net

    It is nice to see your blog thru other members of PBS. Mabuhay and Happy Blogging

  35. Sofia

    Thank you, Angela!

  36. Mosey

    OMG, a new layout for Indiscripts! :) I <3 it! Will look forward to upgrading Enthusiast as well. Thank you!

  37. Angela

    Thanks everyone! :D

  38. Brandika

    Hi Angela,

    I tried downloading the full release and I get the “No Input File Specified” message. :( (Same goes with the upgrade zip file) is it just me?

  39. Angela

    Hello Brandika,

    A couple of others have reported this error, and due to the current hosting issues I’ve been having a few things that I changed to fix this error were lost. However it should work alright again now :)

  40. Nelson

    I still cannot download the upgrade files. What could be the matter? Any DDL link instead?

  41. Angela

    Yes, a quick download page always here.

  42. Adrienne

    I also cannot download the upgrade. The quick page doesn’t work for me either. :*(

  43. Angela

    The quick download page was broken, yes. But the main download works now (has been for a while) as well as the quick download page–please do a hard refresh of your browser. It’s probably cached. Thanks!

  44. Nelson

    Finally! Salamat!

  45. Susanna

    Thanks yet again for this awsome script!

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