About Indiscripts

I decided to open Indiscripts because I found it time consuming to have to manage different sites for different scripts. And here, I can have it all in one go, as a scripts archive, where I can dump my little projects and be as techie/geeky as I want. In addition to my scripts, I plan to add tutorials, reviews, and the like. Hopefully soon!

All the scripts found on this site are linkware; I do not require you to pay me anything for use of the scripts found here in any other way than just a link back to my scripts archive on your site.

About the geek

I am Angela, and you may know me from my other domains: seasonalplume.net or aking-mahal.net (as well as this one, indisguise.org). I’m a Filipino, and I graduated from the De La Salle Professional Schools, Inc (now the De La Salle University – Manila), in the College of Computer Studies, with a Computer Science degree. I majored in Software Technology, though I had a few units as an Information Technology student as well. I am now working as a Systems Engineer, and freelance when I have the time.

I got started with web design in third year high school–that’s November 1998, the year my family finally succombed and got an Internet connection–and I have been designing (mostly as a hobby) ever since. As to Web development, I suppose it was a natural thing to happen, given my course. I had started with JSP in my second year in college, around mid-2001; but I started doing it more seriously as a hobby only in mid-2003, when I was a bit more proficient in PHP.

I continue to develop and design, especially for my hobby projects, but time is not always my friend, and has caused me to limit hobby stuff considerably (sniff sniff). However, I do enjoy what I do, and I think I will for a significant amount of time to come. ;)