Scripts update, and the move to GitHub

Entry posted on 2011-03-01 10:15 am

A couple of weeks back, I finally caved and got myself a GitHub account and uploaded my work there. In addition to all of that, all scripts currently found here have been moved to GPLv3 licensing, with pretty much no changes save for a couple things with Enthusiast.

If you’re interested in the Enthusiast changes, if Enth works for you now, you don’t have a reason to update to 3.1.16. However, if you have been keen on getting it to work with WordPress, this will help with that. I am still testing out a barebones WordPress plugin, but hopefully I’ll get it tested well enough and put that up as well (likely GitHub and not the WordPress plugin directory, but we’ll see).

For most of you, the change of licensing does not mean a thing. You will still be able to use Enthusiast for whatever use you may see fit. For some of you who like to tinker with code, well, this means you can modify and release your modified version of Enthusiast (under the same license), provided I am credited.

Moving forward, I will be updating Indiscripts and removing the downloadable files from here soon, while everything else continuous on at GitHub–with the username angelasabas (please note, I am not the usual angelamaria on there!). You can download the scripts by clicking on the “Downloads” button on the project page. Separate upgrade zips are not needed nor available–config file samples have been renamed for your overwriting pleasure (and safety).

If you’re interested in finding out why and how this change came about, I’ve just posted about it on my blog. :)

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