A brief update

Entry posted on 2010-09-08 3:52 pm

Hello everyone :) If you’ve been here before (in the past years when the website has been on hiatus, pretty much) you have probably noticed the slight changes in the home page: an inclusion of the major scripts available here. Yes, it is an indication that I have stopped “ignoring” my scripts archive. Rejoice!

I will not be getting back into hobby coding just yet, but I’ve been coming back slowly to work on some of my websites. As Indiscripts has been broken in different ways over the past few years, naturally it was the first one I came back to fix. I haven’t finished with it yet–there will be a couple more fixes incoming–but if you see anything amiss right now with the website, let me know anyway :)

Please note that this does not change the “status” of my scripts, which is basically “what you download is what you get”, and unsupported by myself. I will be relatively protective of my revived interest in my hobby websites and so I cannot let myself rush headlong into any support capacity. I hope you understand. Thanks!

End of an Era

Entry posted on 2009-08-26 1:28 am

If anyone has been following this blog, it’s been rather obvious for a while now that there has been no updates, and script development seems to have stopped. And that’s true: I’ve not touched Enthusiast 4.x, or any other of my scripts, for a few months now. There are a lot of reasons for this, but now isn’t really the time to get into that.

I am moving over to a new host, a new main domain; and I’m consolidating my blogs. This change does affect my scripts, but hopefully not to an alarming degree: scripts.indisguise.org was merely a scripts archive way back when–and it’s going back to its roots now. I will be keeping the site up for some time yet, while I prepare the new archive and whatever documentation I can still keep around; but comments are now disabled on all pages.

It’s been a long night porting everything over to the new blog, so I will have to get into details at a later date; but please feel free to drop by Whimsical.Nu and ask if you have any questions. I’d love to see you there. :)

All downloads are still available at the quick download page. Please head on there to get any script(s) you may need. Thanks!

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WordPress Upgrade

Entry posted on 2008-04-28 12:44 am

I’ve finally upgraded Indiscripts to WordPress 2.5, and uploaded a new layout for the blog. There might be a few quirks here and there, which I will sort out in a bit — it’s already 1AM and I’m bushed!

Just in case the new WordPress mucks about with the download pages on my website, remember that you can always use the quick download page to download the scripts. :)

Known issues at the moment

I have accidentally left out code block styling, and the download pages’ comment form looks rather weird with all the floating and margins. I’ll be getting on that once I get back home. ;) Edited to add: Done! :)

If you see anything amiss, let me know.

Yet another update

Entry posted on 2007-03-18 9:01 pm

It seems like I can’t make up my mind in terms of this site’s layout — let’s hope this stays longer! I like it better than the previous, mostly because it feels much cleaner than the last one, and allows for more space when possible: something that I’ve missed in previous layout, and something that I feel is important for documentation. The good news is that I get even more used to working with WP; I wrote a quick plugin for grabbing random content (post and/or pages) according to a few parameters. Will put it up for download after I prettify it a bit.

Edited to add: I just realized (thanks, Mosey!) that commenting was broken for Indiscripts! My bad, it was a missing WP file that was the culprit. Rest assured I have shuffled him back to the ranks. ;)

Indiscripts update

Entry posted on 2007-03-05 12:31 am

It’s past midnight and I need sleep, but I’ve finally been able to give Indiscripts a new look plus update it to WordPress 2.1; if you’re running 2.1.1, you must upgrade to 2.1.2! Said version is dangerous. Don’t forget.

I’m pleased enough with how the new look came out, although I’m not wholly happy with it — a few things I wanted to do, I had no time to implement (or, well, figure out how to implement). I’m happy to say, though, that all the plugins I used work, so there shouldn’t be anything broken with the site; if there is, just let me know.

I actually have a bugfix release for Enthusiast 3.1 sort of ready, only because it’s been a while since I’ve been able to move around the support forums I’m not sure if there are new bugs around; I feel I need to check up on it first, although this bugfix release is long overdue. Sigh, I’m just really swamped nowadays, and I’m feeling the need to finish Ind.Org first, too. Argh.

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