This document is a list of all changes done to Enthusiast since 3.x for reference purposes.

From 3.0 to 3.1.0

  • Added listing growth rate (number of members per day) for listing statistics; use $$stat_average$$ in listing statistics template
  • Added number of countries with members for listing statistics; use $$stat_countries$$ in listing statistics template
  • Added list of collective categories the listing is associated with; use $$stat_categories$$ in listing statistics template
  • Added list of newly-added/update affiliates in listing statistics template; use $$stat_newaffiliates$$ or $$stat_newaffiliates_img$$
  • Added total number of affiliates in listing statistics template; use $$stat_totalaffiliates$$
  • Added random affiliate showing in listing statistics template; use $$stat_randomaffiliate$$ or $$stat_randomaffiliate_img$$
  • Added random member showing in listing statistics template; see documentation for full list of possible variables
  • Modified look of the admin panel
  • Added neglected listings notification (two months without updates)
  • Added multi-level categories
  • Fixed joined listings descriptions bug
  • Added admin error logging
  • Removed ‘pending listings’ item list/dropdown option if there are no joined listings pending approval
  • Added class names for HTML items in the show_* pages for more customization flexibility using CSS (see Style Guide)
  • Updated TFL and TAFL categories
  • Allowed multiple categories for joined and owned listings
  • Added owned template variables enth3-growth, enth3-countries, and enth3-newmembers for the average number of members joining per day, the number of countries where members come from, and newly-added members list, respectively
  • Changed owned template variable from enth3-cat to enth3-categories
  • Updated last updated date of listing when an affiliate is updated
  • Modified login to store md5 hash of password in cookie instead of non-encrypted password
  • Removed emailing of added/approved member email if there is no template set
  • Added “check all” checkbox when approving members
  • Added multi-level-and-field sorting of the members list
  • Improved pagination
  • Added “send me my account information” checkbox in listing join forms
  • Modified field class names in listing forms
  • Improved error messages in listing forms
  • Used PEAR Mail for better email sending via fanlisting/admin panel
  • Renamed admin “home” page to “dashboard”
  • Added Enthusiast updates log/feed at dashboard
  • Improved form input checking
  • Fixed listing affiliates template bug
  • Improved direct emailing affiliates and general templates
  • Updated countries list
  • Added default values for no updates to last updated date and new members
  • Auto-detection and loading of paths during installation
  • Added a page to list all members of a listing according to the selected sorting criteria

From 3.0.1 to 3.0.2

  • Fixed bug that adds an owned listing item to your list even if creation of the database table for it failed
  • Fixed SQL bug on creation of a new fanlisting
  • Changed admin panel title to a more readable/serious format :P
  • Removed misplaced convertfanbase.php file from downloaded archive
  • Automatically lowercased email in Jem’s join form fix

From 3.0.0 to 3.0.1

  • Tightened login security
  • Included Jem’s join form fix
  • Fixed fanlisting setup that adds an owned fanlisting without an opened date