Default Template Configuration

(This document pertains to Enthusiast 3.x and above only.)

This is an optional step. If you use one template for all your listings that is different from the default templates set in the script, and you wish to have all the listings you install automatically use these templates instead of the default Enthusiast templates, you can customize them. This will not affect already-installed listings, and it will not affect future changes to the templates using the admin panel.

  1. Create a folder inside your Enthusiast 3.x installation named templates, i.e., if your installation is at, the folder must be
  2. Create/upload text files containing your default template text in the templates/ folder corresponding to the template you wish to customize:
    • signup.txt, template for the signup email
    • approval.txt, template for the approval email
    • update.txt, template for the update information email
    • lostpass.txt, template for the lost password email
    • listtemplate.txt, template for the members list
    • affiliatestemplate.txt, template for the affiliates list
    • statstemplate.txt, template for the listing statistics