Style Guide

(This document pertains to Enthusiast 3.x and above only.)

This document is for customizing your forms using Cascading Stylesheets (CSS). Enthusiast has been designed with as much style capabilities as I could insert into it, and this serves as documentation for the various CSS classes you can use in your stylesheets to customize the look of the various pages generated by Enthusiast.

This document lists the various customizable forms/pages of Enthusiast, the various classes present in the page/form, the HTML tag associated with it, and its use, in the following format:

some class for the p tag only
another class for the span tag only
a class/style that isn’t tied to any single tag

In the above, the class named classname is used with a p (paragraph) HTML tag, usually in the following format:

<p class="classname">Hello world!</p>

And the class name classname2 is used with a span HTML tag, usually in the same format as above.

The last example is an example for my notation when a class isn’t “tied” to a specific HTML tag; these could possibly
be tied to virtually ANY tag, but usually it would be in a paragraph tag.

Enthusiast uses all lowercase HTML tags for XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliance.

This document is NOT meant to teach you how to use these classes or what styles to use for them. It is meant to be reference guide for you to be able to freely experiment with the look of your listing. If you need help with how to use CSS, Google is your friend.