Enthusiast Road Map

This is the road map/features implementation plan I am currently following. Please note that this is highly volatile, and may be shuffled around as I see fit. This is mostly a checklist of what I hope to be doing with Enthusiast in the future — naturally I’ve taken off features that’s already been implemented.

3.1.1 plans

  • amend image upload problems somehow
  • allow setting up PEAR Mail via the admin panel
  • XHTML 1.0 Strict compliance (maybe checkbox?)

Addon plans:

  • Members import/export using CSV

3.2.0 plans

  • Plugin support (maybe)
  • Member search in panel
  • Member search in site
  • Custom listing statuses
  • Create custom hashing of password
  • Better security for sensitive data — encryption?
  • Redo error logging, use set_error_handler()
  • Improve persistent login implem, use settings table
  • Optional getimagesize in affiliates (speed up affiliates?)
  • Process checkboxes in join/update forms
  • Ability to customize update forms’ additional fields
  • Fanlisting info snippets
  • Updates log (maybe?)
  • Sorting by name should produce sorting by first letter of names

Plugins to create:

  • Akismet, optional per-fanlisting
  • Code manager

3.3.0 plans

  • Abstracted database connection and retrieval
  • Optional caching of results (maybe)

4.0 plans

  • PHP5 requirement :p
  • MySQL 4.1 requirement :p
  • Translation options (maybe?)