3.0 to 3.1

The following steps outline upgrading instructions for 3.0 to 3.1:

  1. Download the upgrade archive provided and unzip this — upload all the files in it into your Enthusiast 3 installation directory except for config.php (or else it will overwrite your settings).
  2. Open the new config.php and customize the variables there. You can look at your previous config.php file for reference.

    Important: Note the $sendmail variable! Ask your hosting provider for the proper value for this — ask them where their sendmail program is located.

    Upload this new config.php in your admin panel/installation directory.

  4. Open the upgrade file using your browser, i.e., going to http://yourdomain.tld/enth3admin/upgrade_3_1.php
  5. Select if you wish to log errors or not (this is toggable later on), then click “Update Enthusiast 3!”
  6. Log into your new admin panel and take a look around ;)
  7. Update your listings’ config files — take the config.php file outside the /enth3 folder in the upgrade zip, and plug in the appropriate values there (again, making sure it is your installation’s database values you use, not the fanlisting’s), uploading it to your fanlistings. Don’t forget to also update your collective’s config file.