Common Misconceptions

This is a list of common misconceptions there are about Enthusiast 3. :) If you think there should be something here that isn’t already, let me know!

The password feature is against TFL rules.
No, it’s not: we have to look at the spirit in which the TFL rule “you cannot require anything but the name, email and country” was given. This has been backed up by a senior staffer before. Additionally, the password field is optional (will be auto-generated) for Enthusiast 3, and there is a modification available for Enthusiast 2 that makes the password field optional.
The password feature is unsafe: people will get my password!
The password is MD5-encrypted in the database, and this is the reason why passwords cannot be retrieved, only regenerated: no one, not even the computer, can read your password after encrypting it! The passwords are not sent to anywhere else other than the email address you have signed up with.
I don’t like the dropdown box for the members list.
You can opt to use a dropdown box or a bulletted list, it’s all a matter of toggling the proper option.
I don’t want to keep thinking up usernames and passwords to join.
There is no “username” to join an Enthusiast-run fanlisting, your “username” is your email address.