Enthusiast 2 Features

This page lists the features of Enthusiast version 2.1.7, which is not under active development anymore. It is listed here since Enth2 is very different from Enth3.

  • Manage any kind of listing (fan-, hate-, cliques, etc) and toggle easily between types of listings.
  • Includes the following fields: name, email, country (optional, default), password (encrypted for security), website URL, show/hide email, show-hide password (admin only), and as many multiple fields as necessary.
  • Automatic emailing of owner upon member additon; automatic emailing of member upon joining, approval, information update, and for resetting passwords in case of loss.
  • Integrated affiliates feature (optional).
  • Fully customize members list and automatic emails; customize part of the join form (additional fields); add as many email templates as needed.
  • Single-click membership approval (single or multiple).
  • Send emails to all members from the admin panel or to single members.
  • Show fanlisting statistics (last updated date, number of approved members, number of pending members, and most recently added members)
  • Email addresses, if visible on members list, are spam-protected by JavaScript.
  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional friendly.