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Need to show your most recent public LiveJournal entries on your website, but don’t know how? LJ Magpie does it for you! Setting it up is as easy as installing Magpie RSS and customizing the template for how your LJ entries will show up on your “blog”. No more need for iframes and headache-inducing style modification in LJ — here is all you need.

Core to the functionality of LJ Magpie is the usage of Magpie RSS, which was not created by me and thus I claim no credit over the RSS reader.

Testimonials and Comments

9 comments to “LJ Magpie”

  1. Heather

    I just wanted to say how unbelievably easy this was! Thanks for providing such an easy way to combine my LJ and my site. I’ve never used RSS so I was worried that it would be complicated, but it wasn’t. I’m very pleased with how it turned out! So thanks also for your easy instructions. All your scripts are great and very much appreciated!!

  2. Katie

    Do you have any examples of sites running your Magpie? Is it obvious that the feed is coming from LJ? I really love a lot about LJ, but I really hate that it’s considered a Russian teenager drama site.

  3. Angela

    @Heather: Thanks!

    @Katie: My good friend Kayleigh has LJ Magpie running on her website. :) It’s not apparent that the feed is coming from LJ, although there is a credit line at the bottom, and commenting is done in LJ — no way around that. :)

  4. Jasmine

    Hello! I was wondering, are all the posts posted on one page or are we able to make a certain number of posts per page?

  5. Angela

    Currently, there is no way to specify how many posts are shown–it all depends on how many posts the LJ RSS feed puts out :)

  6. Andrew

    Is it possible to have this display Friends Only posts to friends of the poster? I have a feeling it’s not since the RSS feed seems to only displays public posts, but I guess it’s worth asking :P

  7. Angela

    Hi Andrew, unfortunately, no–the script is dependent on what entries are shown by the RSS feed :)

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  9. thisdaydreamer

    I just wanted to thank you for making it so easy to post icons and bases. My HTML skills are pretty weak, so your help was greatly appreciated!

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