Trouble-checking for the fanlisting networks has never been easier, using OhNo, the TC tool for keeping track of the fanlistings you check. Don’t remember what to check for? OhNo comes with the list of things you need to check: just select the issue from a dropdown list and you’re set to go. Finished your batch? Generate a list either for reading as-is or format the list according to your staffer-in-charge’s needs. There’s no reason to slack when you’ve got OhNo to manage lists upon lists of troubled fanlistings!

Ohno is a trouble checking script that gives trouble checkers (those who go through a list of links that are part of a certain network, primarily The Fanlistings Network) to easily keep track of the sites you do a trouble check on and create a list for passing information to your staffer.

The script has just been made available for free download and use October 2003. You can download and use it as you see fit– you can modify the codes as you deem necessary, for personal use.


  • Automatically create a list of fanlistings in trouble using the database information
  • List is sorted by trouble type, then alphabetically, or use a template for delimited lists (easy insertion into Microsoft Excel)
  • Trouble types are stored in the database and only need to be selected from a list
  • Easily reset and/or delete all fanlistings stored
  • Search feature searches fanlistings stored in the database by looking at URLs and/or subjects
  • Easily delete or edit a single fanlisting
  • Easily find out which fanlisting you last added or edited
  • View all fanlistings entered in database in an organized table format
  • Add comments/extra information if needed (i.e., for “Other” trouble information)
  • Login/logout system for security
  • “Remember me” feature, direct redirect from index page to the main page if user is still logged in via the “remember me” feature
  • Email the generated troubles list directly from the script
  • Ability to set how the fanlisting links inside the script is opened (same or new window)


  • PHP 4.3.x
  • MySQL 3.23.x

Testimonials and Comments

2 comments to “OhNo”

  1. Haley

    Being a trouble checker at TFL for a few years, I have used OhNo many times to add websites for the category staffer during a check. I recently downloaded OhNo for myself to use at a fanlisting directory I am making. I can now say that it is one of the best scripts I’ve ever come across for maintaining a clean mass link site (ie: a link directory).

    My only concern is security. I have been hacked twice in the past, and I am concerned that OhNo is not secure enough to run on my website. Jem Turner’s website has declared OhNo as insecure, so I am hoping OhNo will be updated/patched to make it a little safer.

    Anyway, it is still an amazing script, and I thank you for making it for public use. :)

  2. Angela

    Hello Haley, I’m not sure if you saw my previous comment, but the vulnerability has been fixed since the 2.2 release candidate. :)

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