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Enthusiast 3.1.3 Released

Entry posted on 2007-09-30 12:00 am

The 3.1.3 bugfix/delayed feature release of Enthusiast is out! You can either pick up a complete installation zip or get an upgrade zip if you’re already running Enthusiast 3.1.2. Please run the upgrade file (upgrade_312_313.php) after overwriting the contents of your Enthusiast installation folder/admin panel with the updated files from the zip.

Changes for this version include:

  • Allowed setup of mailing mechanism in admin panel (via either native PHP mail() command or PEAR mail)
  • Made site include scripts compliant with doctypes XHTML 1.0 Strict and HTML 4.01 Strict
  • Added Enthusiast version printout include
  • Removed use of short tags to cater to more server setups
  • Fixed minor bug in statistics template that causes blank/nonexistent fields to show up
  • Added check to ensure pagination parameter is a digit

Please let me know if you run into any bugs, but support and troubleshooting should continue to be at the CodeGrrl forums.

Alpha testing of Enthusiast 3.1.3

Entry posted on 2007-09-07 9:26 pm

The upcoming bugfix release of Enthusiast is really more like a delayed feature release. As such, the changes are somewhat significant (compared to previous bugfix releases) and so I’m doing an alpha test on my own websites at Aking Mahal. If while visiting the websites, you see any problems (especially with sending/receiving mail), please let me know! ♥

This test will continue for about a week before I release this bugfix. Just a heads up!

Enthusiast 3.1.2

Entry posted on 2007-08-07 10:14 pm

A new bugfix release has been done for Enthusiast, raising its version level to 3.1.2. This bugfix release fixes a few dashboard presentational problems as well as some SQL injection vulnerabilities. An upgrade zip is also available at the download section, which contains files you will need to upload/overwrite your installations with–so please upgrade your Enthusiast installations now. :)

Random Content WordPress Plugin

Entry posted on 2007-06-24 3:18 pm

The Random Content WordPress Plugin plugin retrieves a random post/page/either one of them from your WordPress installation, used in much the same way as the get_posts() WordPress function. The plugin was based off from Gruppo Modulo’s Random Subpages plugin but extended because I needed much more than subpages.

I’ve been using this plugin for a while now at my portfolio, and decided to finally put it up for download in case anyone else finds it useful. I’ll also slowly be putting up various WordPress plugins/themes I make that are somewhat presentable for public use soon. :)

Go here to view the plugin details and download it.

SiteSkin 3.3 released

Entry posted on 2007-05-21 6:58 pm

It’s been a while since SiteSkin was updated, so now I bring to you SiteSkin 3.3. These are relatively minor changes and tweaks. The changes are:

  1. Allowed automatic usage of PHP header and footer files
  2. Suppressed errors when header/footer files are absent
  3. Added a debug mode which will show errors
  4. Cleaning of GET and COOKIE strings added (not when parsing site URLs)
  5. Removed border="0" in thumbnails to allow for XHTML Strict validation
  6. Added title attribute to thumbnails
  7. Iframes have been discontinued (sorry!)

I guess the biggest change that might impact people would be the last item. I have always felt very guilty about including iframe support, as I personally don’t use them and I can’t test them very well. Hence they have been taken out of the script. SiteSkin 3.2.1 should still be alright for those who are using iframes and don’t need the above features. :)

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