SiteSkin is the solution for webmasters of small websites who are looking into providing multiple skins/themes for their websites. No need to set up complicated databases– all you need is to upload your skin/theme layout files into one skin folder/repository and it’s an instant skin! Separate your content from your presentation and design and create as many skins as you want — all with a lightweight script to handle skin switching for your visitors.


  • Automatic recognition of new skins
  • Ability to change EVERY layout aspect between skins except the content
  • No need for a database
  • Uses cookies to store visitor’s skin information up to 30 days since last visit
  • Easier upgrading for future versions
  • Recognition of other skin thumbnail image types (GIF, JPG, PNG)
  • Using a validator such as won’t result in a 302 error
  • Skins can be changed not only in skins.php but in any page of the site
  • Show all skins in any page of the site (for changing)
  • Use folders in your website and still be able to skin pages under them


  • PHP 4.3.0 (may work in lower versions, but this is what I used to create and test the script in)
  • Ability to create folders

Testimonials and Comments

10 comments to “SiteSkin”

  1. Nicole

    Can SiteSkin be used with WordPress?

  2. Angela

    I have to admit I’m not entirely sure. I’ve actually tried before if I *could* use SS with WordPress, and while I think I was slightly successful, it’s quite untested and somewhat buggy, I believe.

  3. Becca

    As to why anyone would want to use SiteSkin with WordPress is beyond me, when all you have to do is modify/create your own WordPress themes then use the theme switcher plugin, the only thing that the plugin is lacking is screenshots and descriptions, but in that case you could just make your own page for the skins.

  4. Angela

    Well, personally? When I was new to WordPress, I was so used to working with SiteSkin as a skinning script that it seemed much more easier, and that it made sense, to just continue working with SiteSkin. Frankly, if I only had time to work on it, I’d have kept at the whole SiteSkin-with-Wordpress thing.

  5. Sparxy

    SiteSkin is the best skinning script ever. It’s easy to install, easy to customize and most of all, no MySQL database needed! I love it. Try it for once and you’ll fall in love with it immediately

  6. Noah

    Wow, I’d just like to say that SiteSkin is amazing looking. Great job the interface and overall design.

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  9. Arie;

    Really incredible script! I love it!

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