OhNo 2.3 Release Candidate 2

Entry posted on 2008-05-05 10:24 pm

The second release candidate for OhNo is up — please update your installations with the script, which you can download here. Like before, there is no upgrade script necessary, just overwrite all the contents of your installation except for config.inc.php. :)

OhNo 2.3 Release Candidate 1

Entry posted on 2008-05-04 9:49 am

I’ve put together an OhNo! 2.3 release candidate. Yes, I know, 2.2 never got around to an actual release (completely my fault!), but 2.3 has a few nice things added in.

Changes include:

  • Tightened login security
  • Rebranded script to take in different kinds of troubles lists, not just fanlistings
  • Added ability to add/edit/delete troubles statuses/reasons
  • Updated look of the script
  • Fixed insert new entry bug
  • Added version number to actual layout so you can see what version you’re using.

For those of you concerned about security vulnerabilities as posted by Jem on her website, rest assured those issues have already been righted since November 2006 with the 2.2 release candidate. :)

Please note that since this is a release candidate (and not an actual release yet), I will not be putting up an upgrade script. In any case, there is nothing much required to upgrade your installation — just copy over all the files except for config.inc.php and you’re done.

Please post on this entry if you come across any problems with this release candidate (layout problems, usability problems, etc). I’m hoping to promote this to an actual release by end of the week.

Download OhNo 2.3 RC 1 here!

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