Enthusiast 3.1.4 Released

Entry posted on 2008-06-01 11:11 am

I’ve been testing Enthusiast 3.1.4 on Aking Mahal for a few weeks now, and now I’ve released Enthusiast version 3.1.4, which incorporates a number of bug fixes plus a special feature — special because it gets added at a bugfix-level upgrade.

This update includes:

  • Added mass rejection of new members feature
  • Fixed bug where PEAR Mail class gets called twice when joining in certain server and/or website settings
  • Fixed bug where showing/hiding of member emails do not get updated correctly when members update their information
  • Fixed bug where there are still target attributes in links for the fanlisting statistics
  • Fixed bug where non-numerical offsets are allowed in the pagination query

I’ve been vocal about not adding a mass-rejection feature for Enthusiast, but in the interest of helping those of us whose fanlistings get spammed, and the goal to make sure Enthusiast caters to an ever wider audience due to its openness and flexibility, I’ve finally added the feature in. However, as this is just one additional feature, I decided not to bump up the version to 3.2, as it feels rather sad that way ;)

You can download the full 3.1.4 release, or get an upgrade zip file instead.

If there are problems with regards to this upgrade, please feel free to leave comments, however all regular troubleshooting requests and support-related questions should be directed to the Enthusiast support forum at CodeGrrl. Thanks!

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