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Entry posted on 2005-01-16 10:13 pm

Kyrie has been wonderful enough to plow through the questions at the Enthusiast support forum and add them into the Enthusiast 3 FAQ! Thanks so much, Kyrie! :)

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2 comments to “Enthusiast FAQ”

  1. Shannon

    i have seen on some sites there is like a little HTML form with questions and you fill them in and then it has a link and the link leads to this.
    i would like to know if list site is like freedback.com where you make HTML foms??
    cause i can’t find anywhere..the spot to sign up.
    Please e-mail me the spot on the page that i can sign up if this is a HTML form site like freedback if you have heard of it!
    Thank You!

  2. Angela

    Hello Shannon, Indiscripts, or any of my scripts, aren’t, uh, HTML forms like what you get from freedback.com. This is a scripts archive, not a membership site.

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