Login security fix

Entry posted on 2006-07-16 10:21 pm

We have another security fix/patch available for Enthusiast 3.0, which addresses login security holes that were kindly alerted to me by boyzie at the CodeGrrl forums. :) A zip has been released for the Login Security fix, please download and update your Enth installations as soon as possible. ♥

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2 comments to “Login security fix”

  1. Katelyn

    The link doesn’t work… I also can’t find it on the site…

  2. seasonalplume

    Sorry, as I mentioned in a later post, Indiscripts went through a revamp, and these are older archives. I’ll be updating the links, but right now the way to go would be to the Enthusiast section, click on Download, and then Enthusiast 3. You’ll see the other downloads there.

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