Scripts.Indisguise.Org Redone

Entry posted on 2006-12-11 10:40 pm

Yay for revamps! It’s only been a while since the last one, but while I was doing Enthusiast support stuff, I had this strong impulse to redo my scripts archive and actually start implementing my long-term plans for it — so now here we are, the redone Indiscripts! This isn’t just a new look and the new recent scripts section, but it comes with a new Tutorials section plus the updates blog being turned into an actual tech/webdev/etc blog.

I’d been meaning to ramble and wax verbose on “geeky” subjects and thoughts and whatnot, and I had always felt a trifle guilty whenever I did that on eljay (a.k.a. Seasonal Wanderer) because it’s really more of a personal journal, Dear Diary and all that jazz. Hence, here you are — Indiscripts transformed into a proper blog but still containing the core stuff (read: my scripts).

It’s almost eleven and I need sleep, so I’m off after this quick website update post. There are still some things that need to be done: post categories, post tags, spruce up how the post comments look, etc — but for now this will have to do. Yay for quasi-beginnings!

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12 comments to “Scripts.Indisguise.Org Redone”

  1. snowangel

    Looks great! This dark design is very nice, well done! :)

  2. Angela

    Thank you, Snowangel! I was quite surprised with your comment :)) I’d just put it up, like, five or ten minutes ago? Thank you, I’m glad you think the redesign is good :D :x

  3. Camilla

    I like the new design Angela… it’s very pretty :D Cute colours… hehe :)

  4. Angela

    Thank you, Camilla! :D I haven’t seen the design on a CRT monitor yet so I’m nt yet very sure if the colors look alright all ’round. Hee!

  5. Lindsey

    The design looks really awesome! I love the diversity of the colors and the design. Good job on it :D.

  6. Angela

    Thank you, Lindsey! I’m glad you like the redesign :D

  7. Honey

    I love the new design Angela! Very pretty. :D

  8. Angela

    Thank you, Honey! :x

  9. Cherrie

    Great revamp, Angela! It looks fabulous! :D Looking forward to many more tutorials. *luffs*

  10. Angela

    Thank you, Cherrie! :D I hope I do find time to write tutorials and stuff. ^_^

  11. Six

    Wow, it looks awesome over here! *looks around with mouth open* :D

  12. Angela

    Thanks, Six! Glad you like the new look ;)

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