Enthusiast 3.1.1 released

Entry posted on 2007-03-17 8:33 pm

I was waiting to get a few more bugfixes rolled into this release, but I decided I should just get this up first and then worry about the other bugs as they come in. I’m afraid the PEAR Mail issues still aren’t resolved, but I mean to get it sorted out a little better soon. I’m also looking into a better way to work on Enthusiast; if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to pipe up. ;) I’ve already started using Bazaar to track changes, so hopefully that helps.

The full Enth download has been updated to 3.1.1, and there is also a 3.1.1 upgrade zip file which will contain only the updated files.

The list of changes are below:

  • Fixed bug that prevents showing of owned listings with different statuses in one page due to a function declaration
  • Renamed get_category_children to get_enth_category_children function to make Enthusiast compatible with WordPress
  • Fixed bug that does not replace $$stat_totalaffiliates$$ with the proper value in listing statistics template
  • Fixed bug that prevents putting join, update, and lost password forms in one page due to function declaration
  • Fixed bug that says email sending to a certain email address failed before last-resort PHP mail() mailing takes place
  • Fixed errors on parsing image URLs if on Windows servers
  • If image uploading fails, folder will be CHMODed to 755 then 777 to upload image; if CHMODed to 777, folder will be CHMODed back to 755 after uploading
  • Half-fixed bug that doesn’t show empty child categories whose children have listings in them (read: personally not happy with the fix)
  • Fix neglected listings notification bug that incorrectly states they have not been updated when a new year starts
  • Fix bug that doesn’t update the member’s “show email” setting when they try changing it using the update form
  • Fix bug that doesn’t remove underscores from the additional fields’ delete record field in the update form
  • Fix bug that sets the latest joined fanlisting to only show the first fanlisting added in a day

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14 comments to “Enthusiast 3.1.1 released”

  1. Nori

    I’m also looking into a better way to work on Enthusiast; if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to pipe up. ;)

    Not necessarily ‘a better way to work on Enth’, but I would personally like to see a mass-delete(reject) of members option (I mean, for pending members – some of my fanlistings get a lot of spam memberships even with fixes and it’s so bloody time consuming to keep going hitting the reject button 40 times in a row, particularly when you’re on a dialup connection X_x) Given I fail at PHP, I really wouldn’t know how difficult this would be, but maybe on a future release, if it’s possible?

  2. Angela

    Hello Nori,

    I’ve been very hesitant about making it easier for fanlisting owners to mass-reject members, but I see what you’re getting it — other people have requested for this same feature before, and I’ve always said no due to the above reasons (I don’t like all of you! *mass deletes* MWA HA HA HA) although I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking about that particular feature. I’m still on the fence whether I’ll be implementing it or not, but we’ll see. ;)

  3. Susanna

    Perhaps a better spam-addon or something. Like “write in the numbers in the box to prove you’re a human”-etc.

    By the way, I LOVE Enth ;)

  4. Laney Marie

    Personally I’m all for the mass delete! I just logged in and had to hand delete 125 spam members from my gerbils fanlisting! It’s so sad! Or something to stop the spam. I know that we cannot use have the join form have an other required fields other than name and e-mail address but anything would be helpful!

  5. Angela

    Thanks for your ideas, Susanna, Laney Marie! I’ll be weighing the pros and cons carefully. :)

  6. Manda

    Angela, this thread at the TFL boards talks about spam with Enthusiast. Just thought I’d let you know about the thread in case you are weighing the pros and cons of inserting a mass delete function for Enth :)

  7. Angela

    Hello Manda,

    Thanks for the heads up—I’ve known of the spam issue though for some time now (and experience it in some of my fanlistings). :)

  8. Bridget

    A mass delete would be nice, luckily after I moved domains I haven’t had a problem with the spammers … yet.

    However the whole “I don’t like all these people so I will delete them” is against TFL’s policies isn’t it? Sure you can’t really regulate something like that … but if enough people were rejected for no legitimate reason, wouldn’t somebody start to wonder what was going on with that FL?

  9. Angela

    Bridget–yes, that’s one thing that is keeping me from implementing a mass delete for Enth. Plus, it’s a “quick fix”, and doesn’t really get to the heart of the matter, which would be to actually stop the spam from getting in.

    Ah, decisions, decisions!

  10. Kaye

    Any thoughts of including a captcha in the next update?

    I just converted to Enth 3.1 from Fanbase, and though I love it and wonder how I went without for so long – the spam is actually worse. I’ve put in Jem’s javascript defense for now in hopes that will help, but captchas are the only way I’ve found to stop spam in it’s tracks (I have one on my guestbook that I couldn’t go without!)

    Thoughts? I’m no scripter, of course, so I have no idea how difficult it would be to add something like this.

  11. Angela

    Hello Kaye,

    The only problem right now, really, is the lack of time. :( I’ve been meaning for a long time to do something pro-active about spam (like captchas, like Akismet, or just plain SOMETHING) but due to time… haven’t been able to code it in. It’s in the plans, however. :)

  12. Saya


    Firstly… thumbs up for your script, it has made my day, when I finally got it working (I sux at PHP).
    Second, I was just only wondering, if it’s possible to create something like…. a Wish list and a Keep in mind list, for the enth?

    Thank you!!!!!

  13. Angela

    Currently, support for multiple answers for an additional field isn’t really supported. However, you could also add an additional field for every fanlisting you own, where they can tick/check each that they’d want to be listed under. :)

    As for wishlists, you can probably use one category for it, but I think it would be rather overkill. :)

  14. Meredith

    Count me in among users who would like a mass-delete, perhaps with a required “are you sure?” confirmation page/button. Currently, the way I handle the spam (I probably get about 100 per FL every month or two) is to go through the list of pending members visually, and spot all the actual people who applied. I approve them, and then I go into myPHPadmin and search for all pending=1, then delete those.

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