SiteSkin 3.3 released

Entry posted on 2007-05-21 6:58 pm

It’s been a while since SiteSkin was updated, so now I bring to you SiteSkin 3.3. These are relatively minor changes and tweaks. The changes are:

  1. Allowed automatic usage of PHP header and footer files
  2. Suppressed errors when header/footer files are absent
  3. Added a debug mode which will show errors
  4. Cleaning of GET and COOKIE strings added (not when parsing site URLs)
  5. Removed border="0" in thumbnails to allow for XHTML Strict validation
  6. Added title attribute to thumbnails
  7. Iframes have been discontinued (sorry!)

I guess the biggest change that might impact people would be the last item. I have always felt very guilty about including iframe support, as I personally don’t use them and I can’t test them very well. Hence they have been taken out of the script. SiteSkin 3.2.1 should still be alright for those who are using iframes and don’t need the above features. :)

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