Website fluctuation, some Enth stuff

Entry posted on 2005-07-09 10:15 pm

For those of you who have been having problems downloading the scripts here in Indiscripts, I apologize for the inconvenience — the server Indisguise.Org is on seemed to be fluctuating for a bit recently, but things are hopefully fixed now — I just tried downloading myself and I was able to. So please try again, and I’m very sorry for the hassle.

I’m also going through the FAQ now, so there are some new questions up. Again with the reminders: please don’t use it as a contact form. :P I know I have been rather behind answering emails and other webmistressy-stuff, but it’s mostly due to offline concerns that have higher priority as of the moment. Thanks!

Additionally, I just realized (thanks to one of you — Patrick!) that in between moving Enthusiast from my old fanlisting collective at and here to my scripts archive (yes, that was a long time ago!), that I lost the script requirements section. It was previously lumped with the features page, see. Well, now I have fixed that and put up the Enthusiast 2/3 system requirements for all of you. :)

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