Quick website update post

Entry posted on 2006-09-13 2:00 pm

Hello everyone, I wanted to post about this in a post that also was connected with my other scripts, but I figure this is important enough to post on its own — I’ve had reports that a minority of my visitors are having problems downloading the scripts from the WordPress-powered site — they get redirected to a missing page link. If you have this problem, then head over to the Indiscripts quick download page, where there are ONLY download links. All the content will still be here, but that serves as a quick “jump page” of sorts for downloading my scripts, if you need it. :)

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2 comments to “Quick website update post”

  1. Ilona

    True. There was one that came to your website and can’t download the file. I think s/he went here not from a WP-powered site.. I don’t know for sure. This is handy though. Why not post the link in the navigation bar?

  2. Angela

    All done! :) Thanks for the suggestion ♥

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