Enth 3.1 Update

Entry posted on 2006-11-01 5:19 pm

From the last post I made, I’m proud to say I’ve made a little headway with the errors. Or, it’s not somewhat more manageable, and I really am hoping to get this all wrapped up.

Additionally, I realized that for Enthusiast, I have never really made much use of the versioning system that I use! You see, the version of Enthusiast that’s out right now — 3.0.0 — is named so because of the system I’ve decided on: the numbers in the version number mean major.minor.bugfix. From there, you can deduce what level of revisions the release is. Enthusiast 3 is a lot different from Enthusiast 2, and Enth 3.1 has a number of more features than 3.0, but is not “major” enough to warrant a new top-level version number. Now, the last digit is supposed to be for bugfixing. What’s happening is that I’m releasing mods instead of updating the actual version, which was admittedly rather daft of me. :p

So now I’ve decided that I will be releasing Enth 3.1 soon. Right now, the only things that are holding back the release are the PEAR Mail issues (which we’re hopefully wrapping up somewhat) and the fact that I need to get documentation up! There are upgrade scripts ready and upgrade documentation ready for the download, but I was hoping to actually be able to release online documentation as well.
So that’s the sitch right now regarding Enth 3.1 :)

Also, watch out for a new section of sorts sometime soon.

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2 comments to “Enth 3.1 Update”

  1. MReverie

    I’m looking forward to the release :D

    BTW, I was wondering whether the PEAR mail will work without the PHP mail() function? My host disabled it a while ago :/

  2. Angela

    The current implementation of PEAR Mail uses sendmail, which we’re finding out is becoming a bit of a problem, lol. Some hosts don’t allow it, apparently. :s But yes, this PEAR Mail will work with PHP mail() disabled :)

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