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Entry posted on 2006-11-05 9:06 am

I’ve decided that instead of stressing over beta testers, I’d adopt what I’ve seen elsewhere — release candidates for Enthusiast 2.1.8 and OhNo 2.2. I am still debating over either opening the bug tracker my Enth 3.1 beta testers and I use to general signup for reporting bugs (or open something else, I don’t know), or if it will be another can of worms I am continually opening. I have the nervous idea that opening it up will have people asking for support there, submitting bugs that are not well-worded and then leave it open without any explanation or help to actually replicate it, and so on.

I’ll confess that doing support stuff wearies me out. I’d love to help, but it also drains me quickly, and if I’d end up doing it in sheer number I tend to run away very fast. (Which is why the support forum is there, so please go there!) So I’m very hesitant about this whol bug tracker business, even though I know that logically, should be beneficial for everyone.

Who knows, maybe today I’ll decide to open it and get it up. (But I really have to work on my writing for NaNoWriMo, really.)

In any case, there it is, two new release candidates for Enthusiast 2.1.8 and OhNo 2.2, which are basically security fixes for both scripts. The optional password modification has also been updated with a syntax error bugfix, but the modification has also been incorporated into 2.1.8 as well. :)

For the moment, if you find bugs in the release candidates for Enthusiast 2.1.8 and OhNo 2.2, please contact me at about bugs you find in both releases. I will still not answer support queries about Enth 3.x or help installing/configuring Enth 2.x — the “upgrade” needs only an overwriting of files from your previous installation, after all. If you ask, I will just direct you to the CodeGrrl boards :)

Additionally, Rachel has created a TCG Script transformation for Enthusiast 2, which allows you to use the script as a TCG script. She has sent it aaages ago but it got buried by the mail. :( Note, however, that the base install she used was 2.1.7 (the stable version, but with some security issues with login and forms) so you can either wait for an update of her modification or patch your installations. :) You can find her modification at the Enthusiast 2 modifications page, at the bottom.

Lastly– and this I can’t reiterate enough– back up your databases before trying these release candidates.

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