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Entry posted on 2006-11-26 12:10 pm

Yesterday was quite a busy day for me! I added various pages to Indiscripts, notably in the new Documentation section of Enthusiast: Documentation for Enthusiast 2.x, Changelog (for 3.1, though, even though it’s not yet released!), and I’ve redone the Road Map a little bit. :) The latter is now clearer in terms of what plans I have for Enthusiast.

Notably, I have also uploaded online demos — this isn’t a new thing for Enth 2.x, but you may be interested in the online demo for Enth 3.x — after all, what’s loaded is 3.1, and not 3.0 :) It’s not yet released but I’m putting it up as a sneak preview of sorts. December is just a few days away, after all. These demos will “reset” everyday at 3am (server time) — all data will be deleted from the demos and reloaded with a “clean” install. Additionally, you won’t be able to send/receive email from either of these demos; for 3.x, certain sections are disabled.

If you’re interested in taking a peek of what’s up with 3.1, head on over to the Enthusiast features page to find out. :)

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20 comments to “Enthusiast documentation and online demos”

  1. Manda

    Oohh! I just snuck a look at the 3.1 demo, and the admin panel looks amazing! :D

  2. Angela

    Thank you :D It’s a step up from the old look, that’s for sure. :)

  3. Kell

    It’s looking fantastic, and it’s getting exciting! Hooray for 3.1! :D You’ve worked so hard and come so far, so we’re on the final stretch, and I am so in love with this script. Eee!

  4. Angela

    Thank you, Kell! :D :x

  5. Azyura

    Eeee! The new admin panel is awesome! Can’t wait to install Enth 3.1 on my domain. It looks so shiny! :D

  6. Angela

    Thank you! :D

  7. Honey

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait. :D

  8. Angela

    Thanks! :D

  9. Carolynne

    Well it looks very similar, but I am looking forward to using it! It is set up a little different and so it will take a little while to get used to it lol. Great job Angela. Waiting anxiously. :D

  10. Angela

    Thanks! It’s still somewhat similar, just a cleaner look, I think! I was hoping to release by tonight but certain real-life things are getting in the way, like, er, a super-typhoon :p

  11. Manda

    *pokes super-typhoon away from Angela*

    *innocent face* ;)

  12. Angela

    Hahaha, thank you! :D I wish it would go away!

  13. Camilla

    It looks awesome! Can’t wait to install it ^_^ It will probably take a while to get used to the new look – but it looks great ;)

  14. Angela

    Thank you, Camilla! Hopefully it will be easy to get used to — right now I’m NOT used to the old admin panel! XD

  15. Camilla

    I have one question though… will the countries list get updated? I’m too scared to mess everything up to update it myself lol :P

  16. Angela

    Yes, it is updated. :)

  17. Kya

    Wee, it looks amazing. I can’t wait to get my paws on it. Like Kell I just adore this script as well, it has been a life saver so many times. *squishes it*

  18. Angela

    Thanks, Kya! I’m glad it’s being received well even if it looks a little different. Hee!

  19. Mizuki

    Oh! I really need to install Enth 3.1, but in the file “install.txt” says: “Requirements: PHP 4.3.11 or higher, MySQL 4.0.15″, and my MySQL version is 4.1.16, BUT my PHP version is 4.1.18.. and I want ask you about this, I can install the Enth 3.1 with this PHP version? And to hope that it works to fanlisting collective and fanlistings?

  20. Angela

    Hmm, to be honest I really don’t know! I’ve never tried running Enth using lower than the documented PHP version, and can’t really vouch for it running in a lower version. I’ve been trying to find some sort of resource which might help determine what lowest PHP version is needed to run a set of files, but until now I haven’t had any luck finding one. :/

    Would it be so difficult to ask your hosting provider to raise your PHP version? PHP’s 4.x line is already up to 4.4.x, which is obviously the most stable version — you might prefer to press them to upgrade their PHP4 into something more stable. :)

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