Enth 3.1 released!

Entry posted on 2006-12-09 1:13 pm

I’m finally releasing Enth 3.1 after quite some time. :) I meant to release earlier, but because of some weather-related problems, I had to postpone it for a bit. I’m inclined to postpone it a little more but I figure I should just get this over and done with!

Enthusiast 3.1.0 has the following new features (for the full list, please view the changelog):

  • Added the following listing statistics: growth rate, number of countries, collective categories, newly-added/updated affiliates, total number of affiliates, random affiliate and random member
  • New admin panel look plus dashboard
  • Neglected listings notification (two months without updates)
  • Multi-level categories
  • Multiple categories for joined and owned listings
  • Error logging
  • New owned template variables for growth rate, number of countries, and new members
  • If added/approved template is blank, no email is sent out to added/approved members
  • Check all checkbox for approving members
  • Multi-level-and-field sorting of the members list
  • Option for vistors to not send their information to themselves when joining
  • PEAR Mail for better email sending via fanlisting/admin panel, via sendmail
  • Inclusion of collective statistics (no need for addon)

An online demo is, again, available at the Enthusiast features page. Feel free to check it out.

Online documentation of Enthusiast is also now fully available, and most the the new documentation has been delegated to it — if you see anything amiss there, please feel free to correct me. ;) Being around the scripts so much, I might sometimes skip over some documentation errors.

A fresh installation can be downloaded here as well as an upgrade script if you’re already using Enthusiast 3.0 — it contains all the new files (well, virtually EVERYTHING) plus a script you will have to run to update your database. Please go here to download the script; if you have having problems, try the quick download page.

Please note that some addons may not be needed anymore with 3.1, or might not work as expected, such as the conversion script from Fanbase. I’ll be working to update those in the next few days. :)

Much thanks to my beta testers — their help weeding out the bugs is greatly appreciated plus they got a lot of the kinks out. :) :x A few may remain, though, as with any script — if you find any, please feel free to head on over at CodeGrrl and we’ll see about that. :)

Please remember to back up your databases before upgrading your installations. ;)

Hope you guys like the new version. :)

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39 comments to “Enth 3.1 released!”

  1. Kell

    *boogieboogieboogie* I know I’m stalking you, but I just had to run over and eee! here as well. *squish* Hooray!

  2. Angela

    LOL! EEE! :D \:D/ Thank you, Kell! I’m so happy to have released it, but I still have butterflies in my stomach because of releasing XD I have this horrible premonition suddenly my site will go down or everything will disappear or something like that! :))

    Thank you SO MUCH for your help :x You’ve been such a wonderful beta tester :D

  3. Janice

    Omg. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for this Angepoo! (Right on time for my pending FLs too~) *glompglomp*

  4. Winky

    I’ve been SOOO waiting for that day! Thanks you so much Angela (and the beta testers!) I will upgrade it as soon as I’m back from work!

  5. Angela

    Thank you, Janice, Winky! :D :x

  6. Kya

    Woo, I am so happy to hear this is out. I have been stalking this site at least three times a day. *downloads quick* Eee, thanks mate. :D

  7. Angela

    Hee, great then! :D Hope it lives up to expectation :)

  8. Honey

    YAY! I have been waiting this for so long, I am very happt it’s out now. Thank you for being so awesome! ;)

  9. Angela

    LOL! Thank YOU for the compliments! :D

  10. Manda

    Hooray! I will wait a bit before I upgrade though, I don’t have access to my main computer right now. :) But I’m excited! :D

  11. Angela

    Yay! Thank you, Manda :D

  12. Heather

    Just upgraded my Enth installation from 3.0 to 3.1 – it’s working great. Thanks!

  13. Angela

    Yay, that’s great, Heather! :D

  14. Jae

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. :D Thanks Angela. :] I simply love the script. :]

  15. Angela

    I’m glad you do! :)

  16. Camilla

    I love the new look now! I already got used to it lol :P I just converted my installation to 3.1 – and it worked perfectly! Thanks a lot Angela :D

  17. Angela

    That’s great, Camilla, and I’m glad you like the new look! :D

  18. Karrie

    My upgrade went smoothly! Thanks for the great script!

  19. Angela

    I’m glad it did, Karrie! You’re welcome and thank you, as well. :)

  20. varon

    hi angela, i have a problem d/l-ing Enth3. everytime i do, the file ends up corrupted on my drive. how do i remedy this? i tried all your links and nothing worked. :( thanks so much!

  21. Angela

    Try clearing your cache, Varon. It’s possible your first download was interrupted due to a broken ‘net connection somewhere, and the result was cached.

  22. varon

    thanks angela, i’ll try that. :)

  23. varon

    argh… angela, i really can’t download Enth3 no matter what i do. :( i cleared the cache, even tried different browsers, and still the file download is registered corrupted. i don’t know what’s wrong; when i tried downloading Enth2, the zip file opened nicely. is there any way around this? thanks so much again for your help.

  24. Angela

    Emailing you, Varon :)

  25. Silverose

    Hello Angela. I seem to have the same problem as Varon. :( I always got this message “The compressed folder is invalid or corrupted” when I tried to unzip the file. I already did what was instructed here (http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=308090) but it didn’t work. Help?

  26. Angela

    Can you try clearing your cache and then saving it to your hard disk?

  27. Silverose

    ^_^v It’s OK now. I DLed it through Opera. *kicks self for not trying it sooner*

    Still won’t open though when I used FF and IE even after clearing the cache. *grumbles* Wonder what’s wrong with this PC.

    Anyways, thanks! Will try it now. :)

  28. Angela

    Okay, great! I’m glad it downloaded fine now. ^_^

  29. kayley

    Hi, I’ve been trying to download Enth3 but I keep getting a page error saying Page not Found

  30. Angela

    Did you try the Quick Download Page already, linked in the post? That should work.

  31. Manda

    I just upgraded my Enth installatino at my collective, and it was flawless :D Thank you for such a great script!

  32. Angela

    Thanks, Manda! I’m glad you like the script!

  33. Monica

    Hi Angela!

    Just upgraded my Enth installation from 3.0 to 3.1 and it’s working great, thanks to you ;) You did a great job, the script looks amazing! Happy Holidays…

  34. Angela

    Thank you, Monica! :D Glad to know Enth is good for you. :)

  35. Chris

    Just uploading the latest version! Looks great and is working great except for one thing. It doesn’t upload the images or whatever and I don’t know whats wrong with it. If you’re smart, hit me up at c.a.kavanagh@hotmail.com

  36. Angela

    I don’t do personal support requests, Chris, as I state nearly everywhere. Please go to the support forums at CodeGrrl, where they’ve probably dealt with your problem already.

  37. Bekki

    Thank you so much! This makes everything sooo much easier!

    @Chris: CHMOD your folders maybe? :P

  38. Stacie

    *Squeaks* WHERE HAVE I BEEN?? I’m so excited for this update! Thank you thank you thank you for the check all boxes button!

  39. (: HEC :) » Blog Archive » Enthusiast 3.1 en español (próximamente)

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