Alpha testing of Enthusiast 3.1.3

Entry posted on 2007-09-07 9:26 pm

The upcoming bugfix release of Enthusiast is really more like a delayed feature release. As such, the changes are somewhat significant (compared to previous bugfix releases) and so I’m doing an alpha test on my own websites at Aking Mahal. If while visiting the websites, you see any problems (especially with sending/receiving mail), please let me know! ♥

This test will continue for about a week before I release this bugfix. Just a heads up!

Enthusiast 3.1.2

Entry posted on 2007-08-07 10:14 pm

A new bugfix release has been done for Enthusiast, raising its version level to 3.1.2. This bugfix release fixes a few dashboard presentational problems as well as some SQL injection vulnerabilities. An upgrade zip is also available at the download section, which contains files you will need to upload/overwrite your installations with–so please upgrade your Enthusiast installations now. :)

Enthusiast 3.1.1 released

Entry posted on 2007-03-17 8:33 pm

I was waiting to get a few more bugfixes rolled into this release, but I decided I should just get this up first and then worry about the other bugs as they come in. I’m afraid the PEAR Mail issues still aren’t resolved, but I mean to get it sorted out a little better soon. I’m also looking into a better way to work on Enthusiast; if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to pipe up. ;) I’ve already started using Bazaar to track changes, so hopefully that helps.

The full Enth download has been updated to 3.1.1, and there is also a 3.1.1 upgrade zip file which will contain only the updated files.

The list of changes are below:
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Enth 3.1 released!

Entry posted on 2006-12-09 1:13 pm

I’m finally releasing Enth 3.1 after quite some time. :) I meant to release earlier, but because of some weather-related problems, I had to postpone it for a bit. I’m inclined to postpone it a little more but I figure I should just get this over and done with!

Enthusiast 3.1.0 has the following new features (for the full list, please view the changelog):

  • Added the following listing statistics: growth rate, number of countries, collective categories, newly-added/updated affiliates, total number of affiliates, random affiliate and random member
  • New admin panel look plus dashboard
  • Neglected listings notification (two months without updates)
  • Multi-level categories
  • Multiple categories for joined and owned listings
  • Error logging
  • New owned template variables for growth rate, number of countries, and new members
  • If added/approved template is blank, no email is sent out to added/approved members
  • Check all checkbox for approving members
  • Multi-level-and-field sorting of the members list
  • Option for vistors to not send their information to themselves when joining
  • PEAR Mail for better email sending via fanlisting/admin panel, via sendmail
  • Inclusion of collective statistics (no need for addon)

An online demo is, again, available at the Enthusiast features page. Feel free to check it out.

Online documentation of Enthusiast is also now fully available, and most the the new documentation has been delegated to it — if you see anything amiss there, please feel free to correct me. ;) Being around the scripts so much, I might sometimes skip over some documentation errors.

A fresh installation can be downloaded here as well as an upgrade script if you’re already using Enthusiast 3.0 — it contains all the new files (well, virtually EVERYTHING) plus a script you will have to run to update your database. Please go here to download the script; if you have having problems, try the quick download page.

Please note that some addons may not be needed anymore with 3.1, or might not work as expected, such as the conversion script from Fanbase. I’ll be working to update those in the next few days. :)

Much thanks to my beta testers — their help weeding out the bugs is greatly appreciated plus they got a lot of the kinks out. :) :x A few may remain, though, as with any script — if you find any, please feel free to head on over at CodeGrrl and we’ll see about that. :)

Please remember to back up your databases before upgrading your installations. ;)

Hope you guys like the new version. :)

Enthusiast documentation and online demos

Entry posted on 2006-11-26 12:10 pm

Yesterday was quite a busy day for me! I added various pages to Indiscripts, notably in the new Documentation section of Enthusiast: Documentation for Enthusiast 2.x, Changelog (for 3.1, though, even though it’s not yet released!), and I’ve redone the Road Map a little bit. :) The latter is now clearer in terms of what plans I have for Enthusiast.

Notably, I have also uploaded online demos — this isn’t a new thing for Enth 2.x, but you may be interested in the online demo for Enth 3.x — after all, what’s loaded is 3.1, and not 3.0 :) It’s not yet released but I’m putting it up as a sneak preview of sorts. December is just a few days away, after all. These demos will “reset” everyday at 3am (server time) — all data will be deleted from the demos and reloaded with a “clean” install. Additionally, you won’t be able to send/receive email from either of these demos; for 3.x, certain sections are disabled.

If you’re interested in taking a peek of what’s up with 3.1, head on over to the Enthusiast features page to find out. :)